About Doohly

Through the power of data & the digital signage, we aim to take businesses & automated signage to the next technological level.


The Story Behind Doohly

Being tech focused, it was easy to understand that traditional content management systems could not keep up with the requirements of dynamic, programmatic digital signage networks.

The Need For An Automated System

Originally Sean and Tom set out to develop a media player that could have multiple CMS products preinstalled for integrators to reduce the cost and time of digital signage installations. But after many discussions with integrators and users of the existing CMSs they realised there was a gap in the market for a fully integrated software solution that could easily communicate with third parties at an affordable price.

guy at Doohly desk

Made In Australia

Sean and Tom met in 2015 while working for a REIT company. Quickly realising they share the same mindset on software development, keeping a close eye on the new, disruptive Digital Signage technologies that have come to life. A couple of weeks later, the idea of a Doohly came to mind, so they built it.

Today, most of Doohly’s development team operate from Melbourne, where there are more coffee shops than people.

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