5 Ideas for Digital OOH in Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces/share offices are a current trend in the freelancing and start-up industries that we expect to see continued growth in. The benefits of digital OOH in coworking spaces cannot be underestimated during this growth period. Some ideas for digital OOH in coworking spaces include; Upselling, Greeting Screens, Showcases, Advertising, and Updates

  • Digital OOH is growing and with COVID restrictions slowly easing we are seeing people back in shared office spaces.
  • These office spaces are ripe for digital signage installations as they are high traffic areas.
  • These high traffic areas lead to increased viewership of the digital signage which can lead to an increase in ROI.

5 DOOH Ideas for Coworking Spaces

1. Upsell/Advertise Your Products & Services

The first key idea for coworking space’s looking at digital signage is to upsell your existing products and services to your audience. Your customer base is already on location, you just need to show them what you have available. By showing off your other available products and services you are bound to increase your revenue. You could even use the content to showcase core features and benefits, or upcoming products/services. This is made possible as DOOH allows for video and sound to be played, you are no longer limited to a static poster or sign.

2. Greeting Screens/Book Meetings

Another idea for using digital OOH is to display booked rooms and meeting schedules. No longer will your customers be emailing you to check availability. You simply set up digital signage in appropriate locations and customers can check room availability and make reservations. This is similar to setting up a self serve kiosk and will require more technical knowledge and experience. In regards to COVID, this method will reduce the amount of contact between customers and staff, and help with social distancing.

3. Showcase Success Stories

Your new digital screen can showcase your local talent, which can either be free or monetized. Freelancers or start-ups may come to with updates, and you could showcase these on your digital signage to encourage networking and connection. You could offer this as a free service as part of membership fees, or you could charge an additional fee or give it away to build brand reputation. No matter which of these approaches you take, you will be increasing the value of your DOOH devices.

4. News/Weather/Events

Your digital signage doesn’t just have to display created content, it can display information your customers (or staff) may find useful. This includes things such as local or national news snippets, local weather or events they may wish to attend. Whilst these forms of DOOH may not directly cause an increase in revenue, they build brand trust. Your customers will have more trust in your company and continue to return when you show understanding and care.

5. Advertising Space/ Programmatic Advertising

This last suggestion is probably what caught your attention, increasing your revenue through DOOH advertising. This is one of the primary reasons why people install DOOH, to sell the screen inventory as advertising space to third parties. There are many ways to approach this, but the easiest and most consistent is through programmatic DOOH, or pDOOH (programmatic advertising). Programmatic DOOH is one of the newest advances in the adtech space. It allows the owners (supplier) of the DOOH platform (Supply Side Platform/SSP) to sell the screen inventory on a third party marketplace to advertisers. The advertisers make up the demand side platform (DSP) and set a limited budget similar to Facebook and Google ads. This is all done automatically without the need for any human interaction other than entering specifications of the screen and budget by the respected parties.

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