How to Capitalise on Digital Signage in the Hotel Industry

Digital signage has been seen to improve and enhance hotel guests experiences through a variety of uses. The hotel industry was also one of the first to adopt wide spread use of digital signage as a whole. Hotels are expected to continue being part of the trend of incorporating digital signage alongside traditional static media. Here are 5 ways that digital signage can be capitalized on in the hotel industry:

Wall Art

It takes 30 seconds for first impressions to be made, in the hotel industry this could determine a guests entire experience. To ensure they have the best possible impression from the start you need something unique and eye-catching. Digital signage can help provide this for hotels as there is no limit to what can be achieved.

You can install huge screens that take up entire sections of the lobby which display whatever decorative content you want such as local art or internationally renowned installations. Whatever you choose will leave your guests speechless and excited to see what else you have to offer.


One common approach many hotels and other businesses have used to start incorporating digital signage is through kiosks. A prime example of this usage is McDonalds and KFC fast-food restaurants offering a self serve kiosk. We have seen hotel chains take this approach through offering a similar experience; allowing hotel guests to check themselves in at any time of day removes required check-in and check-out times.

When guests are aware that they are able to check themselves in when it suits them they are more likely to choose your hotel over others options. Coinciding with this, the kiosk could suggest upgrades and other services in an attempt to upsell. Self serve kiosks are one of the higher end, more technologically advanced methods of digital signage. As such they require higher investment and greater knowledge.

Concierge Service

If a self service kiosk seems complex and expensive, an alternative is to simply assist your concierge team with digital concierge services. This could be something as simple as a small tablet sized screen displaying key information such as breakfast serving times. It could be something more complex such as a larger screen showing FAQ’s, local services, partnership contact information and more. This would reduce the duties of your concierge team and allow them to focus on improving the guests experiences.

You could get started with a simple digital concierge service with Doohly today. Simply download our player and start sharing key information to your guests today.

In Room Services

To continue your guests digital experience at your hotel, you could offer digital in room services along with traditional services. This is a great option for your guests who prefer to keep to themselves, or during the time of COVID wish to reduce the time spent near others. For example you could offer room service through a digital screen, or allow guests to make requests through digital means as opposed to calling the concierge desk.

Not only does this make guests’ stay more private and intimate but also allows your staff to have more free time to complete other duties. Using digital signage creates a digital trail that staff members can follow. For example when and where food needs to be served and track requests. Guests can also use this digital platform to give instant feedback on services they receive allowing your business to reward staff or make improvements as needed.

Programmatic Advertising

One of the most effective ways to use digital signage in any environment/industry is through advertising. It can grow your revenue and business, and open doors to many partnerships that may not have been possible before. With digital signage, businesses, especially hotels, are able to display advertising content with ease. You simply upload the required content to the cloud, select when it needs to play, and you’re done. Whether you are advertising your own products and services or those of other companies it can all be done simply and easily with Doohly.

To reduce the friction of setting up your advertising, you can adopt what is known as programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising allows the owners (supplier) of the DOOH platform (Supply Side Platform/SSP) to sell the screen inventory on a third party marketplace to advertisers. The advertisers make up the demand side platform (DSP) and set a limited budget similar to Facebook and Google ads. This is all done automatically without the need for any human interaction other than entering specifications of the screen and budget by the respected parties.

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