Digital Signage In The World Of COVID

Digital signage is a way of communicating to others using a screen to display content in a unique way. During the height of the COVID pandemic many people weren’t able to leave their house. Due to this lockdown period viewership for all forms of OOH were down. But now that restrictions are easing and people are able to have some sense of normalcy viewership is skyrocketing.

Combating COVID With Digital Signage

  • Digital signage primarily used for advertising; but due to COVID users are making use of digital signage in other ways.
  • Operators of digital signage wish to protect themselves, staff and the community they operate in.
  • Thanks to changes in technology, digital signage can be updated anywhere anytime.
  • No longer need to risk contributing to the spread as technicians no longer required to make updates and changes.
  • Owners of digital signage platforms are able to educate and inform viewers of COVID related news.
  • Due to the previously mentioned changes in technology, up to date and relevant information can be conveyed to viewers. It can be done in a timely and efficient manner to ensure everyone’s safety.

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COVID Infographic

How Content Can Stop The Spread

We have created a piece of digital content that can be displayed which shows the importance of personal hygiene.

You can upload this infographic to any piece of digital signage that you own such as Doohly. There are many different ways to use digital signage during the time after COVID. For example you can create self serve kiosks or digital menus to reduce the amount of physical contact.

To achieve the most COVID safe approach, digital signage can be combined with other technologies to help facilitate safe visits. For example your company could remove the need for physical pamphlet maps and have a kiosk with a QR code. Once this QR code is scanned by customers’ own mobile phone they will be able to access a map.

Another method of combining digital signage and QR codes can be seen in cafes/bars/restaurants. The QR code is part of a self check in kiosk and allows customers to seat themselves and make their orders. This removes the need for waitstaff and bartenders to spend large amounts of time in close proximity to customers.

There are many different ways to make the most of digital signage, check out more ideas through our blog.

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