Benefits of Digital Signage Systems

| Sean Law

Regardless of your type of business, digital signage can increase engagement, mainly if it’s interactive.

Digital signage systems offer an array of advantages over non-digital signage. Among these options, cloud-based digital signage solutions provide many advantages over desktop signage systems. The top differentiating benefits include:


Digital signage systems enable you to change your displayed content as desired. Non-digital signage systems typically convey one message permanently (i.e. cardboard signs, posters, flyers). Not only do digital sign systems enable repeated customization, but cloud-based systems let users monitor and make customizations remotely.


Digital signage systems are conveniently sized and are often no bigger than a thumb drive. Even the larger ones typically max out at 6x3 inches.

ROI and lifetime value

Since they provide the ability to update relevant new content continually, digital signage systems offer a higher ROI than non-digital or computer-driven signage.

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