What Is Doohly Core?

Doohly Core is the key to controlling and managing your CMS network and is loaded with features for both everyday use and complex campaigns. Doohly is simple to use and user friendly, whilst still maintaining the ability to perform complex marketing campaigns from anywhere in the world.


Doohly Core being an entirely web-based product allows for seamless control and administration of your digital signage network from any device connected to the internet. 

Manage your campaigns, schedule content, add devices and check your networks status from anywhere you need; The office, favourite coffee shop, an Uber ride, or even 5 minutes before your business opens.

Everything Doohly Core has to offer can be accessed from all devices that are connected to the internet, PC’s, Laptops, Mobile Phones and Tablets.

Easy To Use

Doohly Core is designed with the new user at the forefront of development, all the features of Doohly can be controlled and edited with simple clicks or taps. 

Our product is designed to be self explanatory with tutorials available and an extensive knowledge base to help users with all their Doohly Core needs. Administrating your CMS network has never been quicker or easier!


Store and access material related to specific campaigns, including content assets such as videos, images, scheduling and analytics. 

Create and monitor any number of campaigns and deploy them when appropriate. Campaign management and organisation has been made easy and simple by Doohly Core for users of all experience levels.


One of Doohly Core’s innovative solutions to many other providers is allowing users to automate their campaigns through a variety of external triggers including, but not limited to;

  • Time/Date/Day

  • Interactivity

  • Weather Conditions

  • Pollen Count

Automated content management allows for your business to focus key aspects and alleviates the need for constant management.

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Doohly Player

To access Doohly Core and manage your content you will need to have installed the Doohly Player software on your device.

Our propriety player software is what allows Doohly Core to connect and operate your digital signage over the internet.

Our player is available as an APK for Android devices and is quick and simple to install.

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