Doohly provides a simple to use CMS that system integrators can bundle with their installation and products for their clients.

Our CMS solution is the perfect fit for all media integrators thanks to our account system, ease of set-up, scalability and custom pricing.

Doohly allows for system integrators to quickly and easily set up and deploy digital signage networks on behalf of their clients and easily transfer ownership. 

Quick and easy setup thanks to Doohly Player ensures that scaling the network and increasing devices is effortless and meets clients’ future needs.

Thanks to our easy to use web-based CMS, system integrators can easily access and manage deployed networks from any device anywhere in the world.

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Doohly Ecosystem

The end-to-end Digital Signage Platform

A real-time web-based content scheduling and remote device control tool.
Simple to use software for displaying personalized, interactive digital content.

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