Media Owners

Doohly understands the need Media Agencies have for an effective, simple, and affordable solution for their digital CMS.

Media Agencies primary function is to provide clients with enticing groundbreaking content that captivates audiences, and pairing this with a reliable CMS is a must.

Computer and working

Doohly Player

Our proprietary content player, Doohly Player, removes the stress of your team worrying about how the content works and allows them to focus their efforts on creating amazing and engaging content for your clients

Our content player is extremely versatile and can be installed on a wide variety of screens, further reducing the stress of compatibility issues of your content

Doohly Core

Doohly Core is our primary product that allows businesses to upload and manage their digital signage and content from an easy to use web-based system.
You are able to set up a test environment for your digital signage to showcase your created content to potential clients. What is showcased in the test environment is exactly what they would see once deployed.
Doohly Signage on Sidewalk

Custom Pricing

As a Doohly partner you will have access to a unique wholesale price

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