Venue Owners

Doohly delivers a platform that allows businesses to provide unique and interactive experiences to your customers through the use of digital content.

Doohly empowers venue owners to manage all their digital signage and campaigns from the palm of their hand thanks to our easy to use web-based platform.

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Digital Signage?

TV’s, screens, kiosks, anything with a screen is a form of digital signage. It come in all shapes and sizes and is the way of the future.

With digital signage your business can display information (specials, deals, menus, events, and more) or provide an interactive experience for your customers all with the simple click/tap of a button from your phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

For more information check out What Is Digital Signage?

Digital Content?

Everything you see on digital signage is referred to as digital content and has many forms such as, pictures, videos and advertisements.

There are many ways to utilise digital content, they can drive sales through advertising, or relieve the duties of staff, such as self check in.

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How It Works

1. Install your digital screens in ideal locations

2. Sign up to Doohly

3. Install Doohly Player on all your media players

4. Create and upload the content you wish to display 

5. Manage all your content, campaigns, schedules and devices via Doohly Core

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